Access to GFNP is temporarily closed.  We will be working on a an erosion project, trail improvements, and updating the web page.  We hope to have everything completed by the end of the year.
Graining Fork Nature Preserve (GFNP) is an education, conservation, and recreation non-profit organization established to protect the natural, scenic and cultural resources of the area, and to encourage the public enjoyment of those resources.  The GFNP was established to protect and preserve the natural environment.  Public access is allowed but regulated by a permit system to protect the natural integrity of the preserve so that it may be enjoyed by those that follow.

Goals of GFNP:
1. To provide an appreciation of nature by providing opportunities for people to connect to the natural area through environmental, recreational and outdoor education opportunities.
2. To connect people to a natural setting by creating a quality outdoor experience.
3. To provide responsible, sustainable, recreational access that protects the natural resources.
4. To protect the plants and animals that call GFNP home.

The GFNP contains an area that for many years was simply known as “Roadside”.  Because of it’s easy access and amazing routes Roadside Crag has been described as the flagship crag in a world class climbing area.  In his excellent guide books (The Red River Gorge, A Rock Climbing Guide), Ray Ellington, described Roadside as ‘Having it all”.  The area has limited access to experienced climbers that have signed a liability waiver and obtained a permit.

The GFNP is open to hiking and nature study/observation to those that have signed a liability waiver and obtained a permit.  There is only one access trail located across Hwy 11 near the south end of the parking area and other currently existing trails generally follow the cliffline.

Protecting an outstanding natural resource